Ensuring pets get what they need,
without paying for what they don't.

No Two Pups are Alike

Pet parents can customize insurance plans to match their pet's specific health needs, ensuring they're not paying for coverage they don't require while focusing on areas essential for their furry friend.

Shedding Pet Costs

A sick or injured pet should never have to go without veterinary care just because that care is expensive. By offering pet insurance plans for accidents and illnesses at competitive prices with no hidden fees, we’re giving pet owners peace of mind.

Helping Owners
Cover the Tail End

From routine, preventative care at the vet to emergency treatment, PetPremium’s insurance partners help pet owners focus on their pet’s health instead of worrying about your bank account.


you pay

Care, convenience,
and companionship.

A one-stop shop for all your pharmacy needs.

Heartland’s modern e-commerce platform simplifies the process of finding the right products, food, supplements, medication, and more. We give you the power to stress less and smile more about responsible pet ownership. 

Advanced Intelligence

Our built-in AI Pet Assistant, Scout, guides you through our modern, e-commerce platform to make shopping a breeze. Trust Scout to track down the right medications, sniff out deals in your cart, fetch prescriptions ready for refills, and more.

Select an option or write your own:

Yes, please add Simparica Trio to my cart for Walter.

Not now, but remind me later
to reorder Simparica Trio for Walter.

No, I'll handle it myself.
Thanks for the update!


Afternoon, Kennedy! Quick update on Walter: His prescription for Simparica Trio has 2 refills left. To ensure he's always protected, would you like me to conveniently add more Simparica Trio to your cart? Just let me know, and I'll take care of it for you!


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Select an option or write your own:

I’d like to see this plan with
less out-of-pocket costs

I’m option #2

I’m option #3


Hey Kennedy! This looks like a lot of information. Is there something I can help you with to make an easier decision?

For example, you can ask me about potential healthcare scenarios and how insurance would apply.


Ask something

Scout the AI Pet Assistant

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